Current Shining Stars

Photo taken April 2016

These photos taken in March 2017

Windchime Pioneer 4433 &
Windchime Up River 5479
hanging out 

Windchime Pioneer 4433

Windchime Program 2513

Windchime Stimulus 3526

Windchime Program 2513

Photos taken in April 2016 at 4 years old

Windchime Program 2513 is an excellent herd sire.  He is deep with excellent feet and legs.   His mother is a Pathfinder cow - Windchime Rose 0213 and his father is the impressive H A Program 5652 pictured below.

Taken in 2015 at 3 years old 

Windchime Program 2513  had 10 sons that were offered at the 2016 sale.  The 10 sons averaged 89 pound birth weights, 637.7 average weaning weights and 1259 pounds for yearling weights.  They show excellent phenotypical traits and scored an average  docility of 1.03.  They also had outstanding carcass measurements.
Six of his daughters born in 2014, have calved with an average birth weight of 70 pounds.  They are great mothers to their calves.   They also have great carcass measurements.    

At the 2017 sale, we offered 2 sons of Windchime Program 2513 and
1 son of H A Program 5652 (a half brother to Program 2513)

Windchime Stimulus 3526

The picture of Windchime Stimulus 3526 (on the right) was taken in April 2016 as a 3 yr old. 
Windchime Stimulus 3526  is a 4 year old.  His mother is a Pathfinder cow - Windchime Charity 0385 and his father is
Connealy Stimulus 8419
(pictured left)

We  offered 3 yearling sons, and a calf of Windchime Stimulus 3526 on the 2017 sale. 

Windchime Pioneer 4433

Windchime Pioneer 4433 is our 3 year old herd bull.  The picture on the left was taken of him in March 2017
His first calves were born in 2016, we offered 9 sons from him at the 2017 sale.  
His mother is
Windchime Elba 7103
and his father is
S A V Pioneer 7301
(pictured to your right).  We also offered1 son of
S A V Pioneer 7301.

Windchime Up River 5479

Windchime Up River 5479
(pictured right) is a 2 year old herd bull.  His first calves have been born (or will be born) this winter/spring.
 We offered 1 of his calves at the 2017 sale.
 His father is Thomas Up River 1614
(pictured below). 
 His mother is Windchime2 Eralda 9299
 she is a Pathfinder cow.  
For more information on the Pathfinder program please check out the
"Keller Windchime Angus In The News"
section of the website.  

Windchime Up River 5497

Windchime Up River 5497
(pictured left) 
is a 2 year old herd bull.  
His first calves were born or will be born this winter/spring.  
We will be offered 5 of his calves on the sale. 
His father is also Thomas Up River 1614
(pictured above)
His mother is Windchime Dixie 9207

Some of Our Past Herd Sires

Windchime Image 9231

Windchime Equator 8267

Windchime Bando 5175 2057

Windchime Charmer RT338

Windchime Traveler 043 0083

Windchime Foreman 6278